Yeloha's innovative solar-sharing concept is shutting down / by Paul Gambill

Last fall, I saw a post on Product Hunt for a solar-sharing company billing itself as "Airbnb for solar" called Yeloha. The concept was to bring solar power to consumers who otherwise couldn't install solar because they live in an apartment, don't have the budget, or live in a location that doesn't get great insolation. Yeloha installed solar panels on roofs in one place, and then people in another location paid for them and received credits on their utility bill. I signed up immediately, and have seen over 1000kWh generated by panels I helped finance.

Today Yeloha announced they are shutting down. You can read more about why it didn't work in this post by the CEO, Amit Rosner.

It's sad that the financing piece of this didn't work, but this was still a really great exercise that the Yeloha team should be very proud of. We need to see more innovative startup concepts like this. Good luck in the future, Yeloha team.